May 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Jadi, Tinie

Tinie.. T_____T

Tinie.. Tinie.. Tinie... sori gila, Tinie!! Sy tak wish kat awak pon semalam and sy rasa teruk betul tp sy try! sumpah! 2, 3 kali sy datang bilik awk, tp awk asyik xde je.. plus semalam sy de teater so memang tak sempat langsung and sy datang lagi bilik awk lewat malam td and still awk takde.. sy xnak wish awk kat facebook sbb it seems shallow gila sebab kita dh duduk dekat ni.. taun depan entah sy dapat lg ke tak ntah wish kt awk depan2.. ;____; sy mintak maaf bnyak2, tinie.. blog entry ni, sy dedicate kat awk sorang je. n jap gi, bila awk dah bangun, sy wish awk lg ok? >__<

Tinie, time kasih sgt sebab jadi kawan sy & my very own unassuming friend. Sy rs ade kawan mcm awk mmg adds to something yg sgt special kt hidup sy. so, thank you.. dah lame kite kenal, and ofc kita pon ade ups and downs tp to get to where we are today, takes all of those, so sy x regret satu benda pon yg pnh jd. kt kita. sy harap, friendship ni akn kekal, and it will transcend masa & jarak. sbb lepas ni, lepas habis semesta ni, mmg dh susah dh kita akn senang jumpa mcm sekarang. realitinya mmg mcm tu, so sy harap, persahabatan kita kekal, ok? insyaallah.. 

sy syg awk, tinie. you have no idea sy syg gila kt awk. you are irreplaceable, and know this; even when i may not seem like it, and awk x nmpk trait ni kt sy, sy mmg syg awk sgt. ans sy mintak maaf ats semua benda yg sy buat, yg sakitkan hati awk, wat awk sedih. please know that sy xbermaksud pun sume tuh. underneath it all, awk kawan sy dunia akhirat..

so, Selamat Hari Jadi, Tinie.. xde hadiah yg lagi bermakna yg sy bule bg kt awk, selain this neverending friendship. sayang awk mucho~ <3

Nov 1, 2011

new crib

no update in a few months!! and now this lol. im moving out. ^^

my family and i are gonna move out of the current house. we'll be moving into the Police community where my dad's working. the construction's ended and my dad's gotten our house key just 2 weeks earlier. and let me tell you, it is enormous. and im not used to it, to be quite honest. i mean i've been living in a single storey house for all my life and all of a sudden i've gotten this gigantic thing lol. this is gonna take me some time getting used to.

well anyway, so far we've cleaned the house, claimed our rooms (lol), buy the curtains (the windows are so damn high, the old curtains could no longer fit), and transferred some items from our old house (the locations of both are not that far, you see).

as for the look of it, here im posting some pictures:

if you see in the first picture, beside the stairs, there's a door right? that's actually the cupboard under the stairs. much like Harry Potter's to my deligt. but damn. Harry's right. it's so tiny. so it's gonna be the space my mum's putting her collections of plates and stuff.. /shrugs.

then after the cupboard, if you go further, there's actually a room and then, along the same hallway towards the end of it, there's the kitchen. picture's below here. oh yeah, there's another room at the very back. but man it's tiny. not like the cupboard tiny, but still so small. that's gonna be our store. unused items but still maybe-usable-in-the-near-future are gonna be in there.

the master bedroom has got the biggest toilet out of all of other toilets lol (there're 3) the room's also the biggest, as usual. see the first picture, that's actually a built in cupboard plus a built in makeup table. opposite of it is the toilet mentioned earlier.

this is the second room, which is also my room. and there's a toilet there and also a built in cupboard. let me tell you about this cupboard. it's freaking huge. dont be fooled by the picture. i've actually stacked all my clothes into the cupboard and it's still empty.

the view outside is really not bad. if you enjoy the look of the gigantic water tank (is this what it's called? O_O) and a few other houses down... but it gets creepy at night tbqh.. ><

Fyi, the toilet in the second bedroom and the third bedroom is interconnected. so it's not like each room has got its own separated toilet. this isnt a mansion, okay lol.

and yeah, this is the third bedroom, which will go to my brother. it's in purple. thank God he's not that picky with that kind of stuff. he's happy with this room, really.

and of course the kitchen. this is where the magic is gonna unfold lol. im actually pretty excited about the kitchen. cant wait to cook something here lol

sorry there's not much picture. ><  even these pictures, i took them in a haste. i've been so busy what's with all the moving, the assignments, etc. /sigh

that's all with my update. i will probably update more soon. lots of things will happen in the near future lol ^^ and i sincerely hope it'll go well. insyaAllah..


i miss him. i cried buckets. and still i miss him so much.

Aug 22, 2011

Ask me anything

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